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Name:Trauma Queen
This is an RP Journal. Trauma Queen is property of DC/Wildstorm and used without permission for zero profit. Anna Faris likewise.

Characterization: Leslie is based on her character as shown in the last arc of the original Gen13 series, as written by Adam Warren.

RP Bio: Leslie is one of a number of young people who were involved in the US government's forays into genetic experimentation. She is a Super Powered Being - a GenActive. Unlike many, however, she is not interested in donning tights and saving the world. Instead she hangs around with a group of like-minded individuals who ironically refer to themselves as "the Mongolian BBQ Horde."

She likes kittens and puppies.

Powers: Leslie converts traumatic memories into paranormal abilities.

Warning: This journal contains adult content. Both muse and mun are over 18.
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